Top Betting Sites with Best Odds

Top Betting Sites with Best Odds


Sports betting is firmly established in the minds of Nigerian punters as a way to rest after a challenging day at work, combining the risky feelings with an opportunity to gain some cash. And while the state of the gambling industry in Nigeria can be described as flourishing and uprising, the effort of selecting a decent wagering platform proportionally jumps up. Heaps of unknown bookmakers come up every now and then, and the risk of being scammed pushes away insecure bettors. In this article, we’re not going to name all the best Nigerian football betting sites, but provide you with our top three sportsbooks with the best odds in Nigeria.

To begin with, let’s briefly examine the concept of what the odds are in sports wagering. Don’t worry, many of the now-experienced punters have started their journey into the world of betting with this very question. In general, it’s a crystal clear thing that bookmakers are trading the risk measured by the probability. And probability is exactly what interests us the most.

The basis for placing wagers is to estimate the chances of an occasion having a certain outcome. Bookmaking companies use odds to express the assumed probability in a more appropriate and understandable form for the client. These odds, at the same time, help customers to compare different bookies and pick the most suitable one. But if you think that odds are the key elements of the betting process, then you don’t see the whole picture. In simple language, the assumed odds do not truly reflect the real chances of certain outcomes of a given occasion. The bookmaker’s additional margin in that specific market is the difference between the implied probability and 100%.

This basic information is essential for any bettor trying to find a valuable bet, as the margin indicates the actual cost of placing a bet with that bookmaker. Using implied probability to figure out a bookmaker’s margin is a simple and very useful technique, as almost no bookmaker publicly discloses their margin.

With this modest information overload in mind, let’s take a look at our top three betting sites in Nigeria.

#1: BetKing

This sportsbook was established back in 2018 by a group of Nigerian punters, who were striving to create an equally-accessible place for every bettor and adapt the platform to the needs of local folks. With that concept in mind, it’s easier to believe that BetKing offers the best odds in the region. Having an idea of constant improvement, the company integrates new technologies into the platform, securing your personal data and bank cards and enhancing your joy of visiting the website. Additionally, you can find heaps of promotions and perks for existing users that boost your performance even more. If you’re looking for the greatest odds in Nigeria, BetKing is definitely the place to check out.

#2: 1xBet

Taking a step back from the local representative of the gambling industry, we’re about to talk about the most well-known and well-reviewed international betting site in Nigeria, 1xBet, which allows you to have access to one of the biggest sports selections and betting markets in the world. The company’s presence across a large list of countries allows 1xBet to balance odds openly and fairly, thus providing one of the greatest ones in Africa. In addition to that, the website itself and mobile apps for Android and iOS are something that will blow your mind with their simple design and yet high efficiency, rapid loading, and smooth interactions. Over 100 payment options and the most modern registration methods are waiting for you to check them out. If you’re searching for a bookie with both great odds and top-notch quality of service, 1xBet should be considered with no doubt.

#3: 22bet

Although the site might appear a little bit outdated, don’t get caught with a false first impression. 22bet, an international bookmaking company, has focused mostly on football betting, covering all soccer matches on earth and providing one of the best football odds in Nigeria. While betting on 22bet, you’ll be able to take great advantage of a generous welcome bonus and an engaging in-play feature, which allows you to place bets as the play is happening. Overall, 22bet can be described as a worthwhile and attractive live betting platform with heaps of events every day.


Dealing with the odds can be quite challenging for a recreational bettor who’s placing wagers for fun exclusively. When you try to dig deeper, you start to notice the pitfalls hidden behind the bets and odds. It might seem hard to accomplish this level of knowledge, but once you form a conscious approach with various studies learnt, the wagering industry may appear in a slightly different light.

When it comes to selecting the betting site with the best odds, it’s important to analyze various data to figure out what would be the most profitable choice. Our three suggestions, BetKing, 1xBet, and 22bet, could be a great place to start your research, since those companies have the highest possible odds in Nigeria. Meanwhile, you may witness some offensively generous odds, remember to check out the legality of the company and some reviews from people who have already tried it.


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