Senegal’s Faye appoints Long Time ally  Sonko as prime minister, Vows to Fight Corruption

Senegal’s Faye appoints Long Time ally Sonko as prime minister, Vows to Fight Corruption


DAKAR, SENEGAL – In a landmark move marking the beginning of a new era in Senegal’s politics, the newly inaugurated President Bassirou Diomaye Faye appointed Ousmane Sonko, a prominent political figure and his staunch supporter, as the Prime Minister of Senegal. This pivotal decision came just hours after President Faye was officially sworn into office, heralding a fresh chapter of governance aimed at systemic change in the wake of years of conflict and political unrest under former President Macky Sall.

The ceremony, which saw Faye taking the presidential oath, was attended by hundreds of officials along with several African heads of state in Diamniadio, a newly established town close to the capital, Dakar. The appointment of Sonko is seen as a significant gesture towards unifying the nation and addressing the grievances that have marred Senegal’s political landscape.

Faye, at 44, embarks on his presidency without prior experience in an elected office, having secured a convincing first-round victory in the recent elections. His ascent to power was propelled by a wave of support just ten days following his release from prison, riding on promises of radical reforms.

In his inaugural speech, Faye committed to a future of enhanced democracy and judicial independence, acknowledging the public’s clamor for sweeping administrative changes. However, as noted by Dakar-based economist Lena Sene, the challenges ahead are daunting. “You cannot change an entire administration in one day,” Sene commented to Al Jazeera, highlighting the uphill battle Faye faces in combating corruption and implementing his reformative agenda.

Ousmane Sonko, aged 49, brings to the table a controversial yet influential political legacy. His recent legal troubles, culminating in a disqualification from the presidential race, did not deter his influence, as he threw his support behind Faye, leading to a decisive victory. Sonko’s popularity among the youth and his pledge to support Faye in governing highlights a strategic partnership that aims to steer Senegal towards stability and prosperity.

Addressing the nation’s economic hurdles, President Faye vowed to focus on alleviating the cost-of-living crisis, fighting corruption, and reclaiming national sovereignty over crucial sectors like oil, gas, and fishing. The task is monumental, given the need to foster national reconciliation and to generate employment opportunities in a country where a significant portion of the population is young and unemployed.

As Senegal turns a new leaf under the leadership of Faye and Sonko, the international community watches keenly, hoping for a peaceful transition and the fulfillment of promises that could set a precedent for democracy and governance in the region. The duo’s roadmap to reform, aimed at rejuvenating the nation’s democratic fabric and economic landscape, is fraught with challenges but also brimming with the potential for transformative change.


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