Live Betting | Bet on Your Favorite Sports During the Game!

Live Betting | Bet on Your Favorite Sports During the Game!


Live betting, also known as in-game betting, is more popular than ever. Ten years ago you could only bet at non GamStop bookmakers before the match started. Today, more than half of all bets are live bets. The reason? Live sports on TV or via live streaming is more available than ever. Live sports experience becomes even more exciting once you have placed a bet. Bettors use knowledge gained during the match to determine who will win or score. Bookmakers not on GamStop are only too happy to capitalize on that. Check the best bookmakers on

However, with live betting the odds change from time to time. That makes it sometimes unpredictable and confusing. On this page, we will list all the pros and cons.

What Exactly Is Live Betting at Non GamStop Bookmakers?

Live betting lets you bet while the game is unfolding. You can bet live when the match is one minute old or when the match has one minute to go. And everything in between. In other words, you can bet live as long as the match lasts. The opposite of live betting is pre-match betting. You then bet before the match starts.

What Are the Available Live Bets at Non GamStop Bookies?

The number of live bets available varies per sport, and per non GamStop bookmaker. Football has by far the most live bets. This sport is by far the most popular among bettors and has many betting options:

●       Winner

●       Goalscorer

●       1st half/2nd half

●       Handicap

●       Margins

●       Time limits

Tennis has fewer options by comparison. You usually don’t get much further than set win, game win, next point and winner.

In principle, you will find the same type of bets against in live betting as with pre-match betting. Usually about 100 different markets per match.

What Are the Odds of Live Betting?

The live betting odds of course differ per non GamStop bookmaker. One will give you a little more value than the other. However, we can quickly agree on one thing. The live odds are a lot less attractive than pre-match odds.

Non GamStop bookmakers give different odds for football matches, for example. For one competition, the bookies give you more value than the other. In general, the more popular the competition, the better the odds.

4 Golden Tips for Live Betting

Live Betting Requires You to Study Form & Stats

Information is power. So, use all the information you can find online to find the best live bets. There is enough information available. The non GamStop bookmakers themselves often offer free betting data. So, seize the opportunity and absorb the information.

Focus on One Game Only

When betting on live matches, you need to be sure to keep an eye on the entire match. This helps you discover opportunities in the betting market. Watching two, three, or more games at once will keep you switching back and forth. With live betting, your goal is to discover ways and angles to gain an advantage. So, just pick one match and look for the right bet at the right time.

Develop a Live Betting Strategy

Good preparation is important. A mapped out strategy can also help you with live betting. This will help you dismiss the emotion as much as possible. For example, you can determine in advance what your betting plans are if club A takes the lead. What will you do if one of the teams dominates but is behind? So, whether you want to bet little or a lot, spread your risk or go for high odds or low odds, you should always have a plan and stick to it. This will help you not to be overwhelmed by the speed of live betting.

Always Stuck to Your Budget

Live betting is lightning fast. The odds change often. So you can easily get carried away by betting more than you planned. So keep track of how much you have bet. You can always find your bets easily at all npn GamStop bookmakers. And, you really don’t have to bet your entire balance.

Spend Some Time Analyzing Your Bets

The pace of matches is often very comfortable when you decide to place a live bet. This gives you enough time to analyze your bets and reflect on the events of the match. So, always take the time to determine if your strategy is working or not. Do you stick to your bets? Are you going to get the money? Time to hedge your bets?

Don’t Try Exotic Bets!

As mentioned, a football match has an average of 100 different bets. Trying out new and promising bets is tempting. But, when your money is at stake, it’s better to stick with what you know. Remember that you can never lose a bet you don’t make, but when you place many bets, the probability of losing is also high.


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