Learn about the Business Models used in MMORPG Videogames

Learn about the Business Models used in MMORPG Videogames

The MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games) forever changed the videogame industry and the way they are defined, this achievement is because this genre is based on the successful idea of combining the gameplay and elements of the classic role-playing videogames (such as: Customizable avatars, skills, levels, experience points, among others.) along with huge virtual worlds where you can establish a massive number of players simultaneously with an Internet connection as the main requirement.

Every MMORPG has a world that gets its own life thanks to the constant expansions they receive, such as the inclusion of new places to explore or an increase in the general content of the game.

That said, MMORPGs require constant updates so that their players can keep playing the game no matter how long it takes. An exact example of an MMORPG with a changing world is RuneScape, a videogame that has many years of life and a success that has remained permanent thanks to the constant improvements it has obtained over time. The MMORPG plus have even managed to form an economic system around these, usually involve the exchange of real money to the money of the game through pages specializing in this. Among the most popular cases of these exchanges are the purchase of RuneScape gold, while in the near future with the advent of World of Warcraft Classic, it will be WoWC gold.

But MMORPG being online videogames require the implementation of a system that allows developers to earn money from their players, and that way they can maintain their servers and their virtual world. Every MMORPG has a business model that allows you to earn income, but each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. The following are the main business models found in MMORPG videogames along with their respective advantages and disadvantages. 

This business model is one of the first to be implemented in the MMORPG, and is also one of the most successful, this is to implement in the videogame a plan where players must pay a monthly fee to access the servers of the game and enjoy their world. This model is known to be used in the most successful MMORPG, which are World of Warcraft and RuneScape, although the latter can also be played for free, but on a limited basis.

Although the subscription model allows the development companies to obtain constant income, it is also necessary to invest in constant improvements and expansions of content in the videogame so that the player remains fond of it and keeps playing it for a long time. 

This is the classic model that is normally used in all videogames in general, which is that the player simply must buy the video game to be able to play it completely. This model is very advantageous for the player because with a single payment, he can access all the content of the game without any limitation. But in spite of being a favorable model for the players, it is not so for the companies that develop the MMORPG because a single payment from their players is not enough to be able to update and expand the world of the videogame, although this action is not very necessary either because the company will not be very affected if the players are not constantly playing the videogame. 

Currently this model is very popular and is used by a lot of videogames in general, not to mention the MMORPG. This model is characterized by providing the videogame an immense number of players due to its free access, that very important aspect, especially for MMORPG that are initiated because a large number of users can determine later success in the long term.

The main way to monetize this type of videogames is with the implementation of microtransactions; these consist of including in the videogame highly advantageous content, such as weapons or powerful armor, but with the requirement to pay a sum of money to obtain them. This model is excellent when the videogame has many players and offers large amounts of revenue to the development companies.

Despite being a good business model, many players have the complaint that weapons or items that require payment are too advantageous for their users; this means that players who have only free content are always at a disadvantage with those who perform micro transactions. 

The business models undoubtedly determine the success of MMORPG videogames, this is because you need constant investments to keep the game in constant expansion and thus retain its success over time. The MMORPG despite offering huge and incredible worlds, also need money from their players to stay on their feet.

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