Egyptian Delivery Management Startup, Roboost Partners McDonald

Egyptian Delivery Management Startup, Roboost Partners McDonald


Founded in 2020, Roboost is an AI-powered automated delivery management solution that digitally mimics real-life operations and handles day-to-day situations, capable of self-learning to optimize every aspect of the delivery operation.

The startup, which raised a six-figure funding round late last year, aims to give retail, e-commerce, cloud kitchens, and delivery provider businesses control over their delivery operations by making it simpler and offering real-time data.

Its partnership with McDonald’s Egypt will enable the company to fully automate its delivery operations, and benefit from greater visibility and control over each stage of the delivery cycle. This not only enhances delivery speed but also offers access to reliable operational insights, to help improve the overall customer experience even further. The solution will also help ensure optimum productivity from the fleet.

“We are excited to partner with McDonald’s Egypt and help them continue to deliver on their famed promise of the fastest delivery in Egypt,” said Mohamed Gessraha, CEO of Roboost. “With our AI-powered solution, they can fully automate their home delivery operations, optimise their routes even without digital locations, and improve their delivery times, all while offering their customers a consistently superior delivery experience. We are confident that our partnership will set new standards in the delivery market across the region.”

Essam Reda, senior director of people and operations at McDonald’s Egypt, said his company took pride in being pioneers in the home delivery sector, and “consistently raising the bar in terms of speed, reliability and overall customer experience”.

“Partnering with Roboost allows us to take our delivery operations to the next level through automation and AI-driven route optimisation. We are excited to utilise Roboost’s solution to streamline our end-to-end delivery process, gain even faster turnaround times, and further enhance food quality and safety, providing our valued customers with the best delivery experience possible,” he said.


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