Senegal Makes Record Inland Cocaine Seizure in Eastern Town of Kidira

[ad_1] Dakar, Senegal – In a significant crackdown on drug trafficking, Senegal’s customs authorities have seized more than one tonne of cocaine in the eastern town of Kidira, near the Mali border. This operation marks the largest inland drug haul in the country’s history. The intercepted lorry was found to be carrying 1,137 kilograms (2,506


Ugandan Traders Shut Down Businesses in Protest Against New Tax System

[ad_1] Kampala, Uganda – Several traders in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, closed their businesses on Tuesday to protest the enforcement of a new tax invoicing system that they argue will complicate their operations and increase their tax burden. The system, known as the Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing System (EFRIS), was introduced by the Uganda Revenue

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Zimbabwe Faces Currency Crisis: 75% of Zimbabweans Forced to Use the US Dollar as New ZIG Launch Stalls

[ad_1] Harare, Zimbabwe– Amidst growing economic uncertainty, Zimbabweans are increasingly relying on the US dollar, rejecting the local Zimdollar in anticipation of the new gold-backed currency, ZIG. The ZIG’s launch, initially set for April 8, has been delayed until April 30, causing significant market disruption. The informal sector, which constitutes about 75% of employment in